Our staff are agents of change.

Our staff are the powerful force behind the good work we do here at the Education Foundation of Ottawa. Their commitment and passion has been a vital strength as we open doors for every child and youth in the Ottawa community who need our help to succeed. Get to know them a little better and why they come to work every day.

Chris McGarveyChris McGarvey

Executive Director

The classroom door is the most important door a child will ever walk through. That classroom unleashes the potential each student has to contribute fully. But as economic challenges continue in our country, the divide between those who have, and those who have-not, is ever-widening.

Our children, whose only chance to escape poverty is through education, suffer the greatest consequences when the barriers of poverty hold them back from participating at school and in their community. It’s a devastating cycle to observe, and the need in our city is increasing. I see it in the requests from principals that I read every day.

I have two kids in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. As a parent and a staff member of the Foundation, I have witnessed the struggles that families face to give their kids equal opportunity. No child should ever get left behind because of financial barriers. I am committed to this work, and to reaching out to families in need as well as those individuals who want to help make a difference.