Ask For Help

One in five kids need help.


With the assistance of our generous donors, we are able to change children’s lives for the better.

Why we help…

When a student’s most basic needs are not met, they cannot learn. When children are given the opportunity to explore their curiosities, incredible things happen.


The Education Foundation of Ottawa works closely with Principals, Vice-Principals, Teachers, Social Workers, and support staff to ensure that all students are getting the tools and opportunities they need, when it’s urgently needed. We fill in the gaps for children by meeting pressing needs that aren’t covered by social services or the education system.


The Education Foundation of Ottawa is there for the kids and families who need us the most.

How it works…

Any teacher, staff, or support person can speak confidentially to their school’s Principal when they encounter a student in need. The Principal or Vice-Principal then reaches out to the Education Foundation of Ottawa to submit a request for support. Requests are always simple, straightforward, and focused on the need. Requests for help are typically approved within two days.


All requests must be submitted through your school’s Principal. If you, or someone you know, needs the support of the Education Foundation of Ottawa, contact the Principal or teacher at your local school to help you.