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1 in 5 children in every classroom lives in poverty.

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In a city that grapples with poverty, the working poor, and family crises, school is for so much more than just learning. It’s the place where kids spend most of their day.

But not all students are lucky enough to start their school day with the same foot forward as everyone else. There are kids who are already behind before they even step into the classroom.


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Have you ever had to rush out the door before you had a chance to eat your breakfast? Your rumbling stomach must have made it hard to do your work.

Has your child ever missed out on a field trip because you forgot the permission form?

Every day a child doesn’t even bring the form home for a parent to sign because they know their parents can’t afford the $2, $5, or $10 fee.

Have you ever experienced a crisis at home – like your hydro being shut off, a family member being in a car accident, or someone getting diagnosed with cancer?

This also happens every day, and throws Ottawa families into financial hardships.

With your support, the Education Foundation of Ottawa can provide these things to the more than 15,000 children in our city who live in poverty.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

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