Student Councils

Be an agent of change.

Healthy snacks. A new snowsuit. A backpack to carry homework. Pencil crayons to complete tonight’s homework. The registration fee for swim lessons.

One in five children in Ottawa lives in poverty. This means that they do without. There are basics that they just don’t have.

But if one in five students lives in poverty, that means four in five have the power to make change. This is where you come in.

You can create change.

Your actions have great impact. Change is possible, and you can make it happen.

There are so many ways that you can get your school involved in the awesome work being done by the Education Foundation of Ottawa. Your student council is already doing great things in your school – here’s an opportunity to extend that reach to schools across our city by taking a stand against poverty.

Join us in our quest to break barriers for every child in our city who lives in poverty.

How to get involved.

Get InformedGet Informed about
the need in your school.

Students in Crisis Emergency FundStudents in Crisis Emergency Fund
Food. Clothes. School supplies.
Emergency assistance when it’s needed most.

Art & AthleticsArts, Athletics and Academic Bursary Program
Extracurricular activities. Trips. Competitions.
Everyone deserves a chance to shine.

Parent CouncilsGet Together and invite the
Education Foundation of Ottawa
to speak to your group.

What challenges are children and youth facing?
Have someone come and speak to your school.

Spread the WordSpread the Word
These are some of the students who have been helped.
Share how the Education Foundation of Ottawa makes a difference in your school every day.

Fundraising EventGet Activated and plan
a fundraising event.

Toonie TuesdayToonie Tuesday
$2 can transform a life.
You can bring this annual event to your school.

Longest Day of PlayLongest Day of Play
Play for change
Get active and activated in your school community.