Helping Students

For one in five children, some things aren’t possible.

School supplies with an apple sitting on top

A nutritious snack. A new pair of winter boots. A backpack to carry homework. A set of pencil crayons to design a slick rocket ship. Finding hope when a family member is sick. A safe place to sleep at night.

Lisa and her two siblings have been sharing the same pair of worn-out running shoes all year, which means that Lisa shows up to gym class with bare feet two thirds of the time.

Thom is deathly allergic to peanuts. He always needs to have two EpiPens – one to carry and another one for the school office. But his family no longer has health benefits because Thom’s father lost his job. The EpiPens have now expired.

Aaliyah’s confidence and leadership skills have come so far since she enrolled in Girl Guides last fall, but now her parents can’t afford the registration fees. They’re going to have to tell her she can no longer participate.

These are just a few of the real students the Education Foundation of Ottawa has recently been asked to help.

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This is as real as it gets.

School is for so much more than just learning. School should be a safe haven; a place of stability. It’s the place where children spend most of their day.

School gives children the chance to reach beyond what they’ve been given. The education they receive unlocks the possibility to get somewhere better. But not all students are lucky enough to start their school day with the same foot forward as everyone else. There are kids who are already behind before they even step into the classroom.

With your support, the Education Foundation of Ottawa can provide these things to the more than 15,000 children in our city who live in poverty.

We give students the essentials they need to make anything possible. You can help.

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