Kids are amazing. And sometimes they need a boost.

Curiosity is a luxury. How could a child ever afford to explore when their reality is limited by poverty? Sometimes our stars need a little extra help to shine bright.

Every child in Ottawa deserves a chance to explore and excel in their learning. Being involved in extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, art or academic enrichment is the kind of thing kids in need often simply can’t afford to participate in.

Giving every kid a chance to shine.

The Education Foundation of Ottawa’s Arts, Athletics and Academic Bursary Program opens up a world of possibilities for students.

When a budding engineer can’t afford to attend the provincial science fair, we make sure they can get there. When an eager, but shy, student wants to get involved in a community service club, we can cover the registration fee. When the next David Beckham needs to practice his soccer moves, we make sure he has the gear to do it.

Last year, our donors, people just like you, made the difference in the lives of 889 kids who have been able to participate in enriching activities they otherwise couldn’t afford.

How it works.

When a student has earned the chance to extend their learning through an extra-curricular activity, but their family can’t afford to unlock the opportunity, teachers can ask the school principal to reach out to the Education Foundation of Ottawa.

Requests are approved within two days, and the student is able to fully participate in the extra-curricular activity just like all the other kids.

 “Art camp was amazing. I never thought I’d get to learn about painting from a real artist.”
– Sarah, Grade 8

That’s how we cultivate the potential in every child that levels the playing field.