The MacDonell Selfless Award given by Cathy and Wally MacDonell

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This is an award for students who typically do not get a lot of recognition because they are “behind the scenes”.  They quietly work to ensure all students and people are happy. The bursary will be awarded to two grade 12 graduating students who wish to continue their education (one male and one female) who believes in consistently being kind to others and has demonstrated this either through their interactions with fellow students or through volunteering in their community, school, religious institutions, or any other social groups.

Purpose of the Award

The MacDonell Selfless Award given by Cathy and Wally MacDonell is to be presented to two graduating students at AY Jackson who are in need of support to move into the next stage of their academic careers.


Graduating students from A.Y. Jackson Secondary School.

Criteria for Selection of Winner

Other criteria to consider: attending post-secondary school and may not be a recipient of other awards, is a well-rounded student (likelihood of receiving the award is not tied to academic success), and is in strong financial need of funds.


This award is at the discretion of the AY Jackson teaching staff.


Each award value is $1500.00 and is to be provided to two (2) students annually.

Application selection period: Monday, April 22nd, 2024 – Friday, May 24th, 2024.


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