The Nina K. Handa Memorial Award

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This Memorial Award was created to commemorate the life and passions of Nina K. Handa. Nina’s father, Mr. Inder Handa, was one of Canterbury High School’s first teachers in 1969 coming to Canada by way of England. As a student, Nina attended Canterbury High School in a specialized program, however despite her own challenges she was uniquely able to see the good in all. She is fondly remembered for her determined spirit; full of perseverance and wonder. She proved her love for travel by visiting 46 countries. Empathetic to the needs of others, Nina believed in social responsibility and was very involved in volunteer activities for her school and several local charities. Despite her challenges, Nina earned a BA Hons. in Math and an MSc. in Microeconomics from the University of Ottawa.

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of this award is to highlight an overall well-rounded student who promotes and embodies Nina’s characteristics of being an insightful, caring, and determined individual.


All Grade 12 students at Canterbury High School pursuing post-secondary education will be eligible to win the Award. Preference will be given to a student in the Physical Support Program.

Judging/Criteria for Selection of Winner

The successful student should demonstrate the above-said skills, and be in financial need. While academic performance is encouraged, a high grade average is not necessarily required to be considered for this award. Eligible students will be selected annually (in early June) by a committee comprised of a Handa Family member (of Mr. Handa’s choosing), a Canterbury (Learning Support) teacher, and a member of the Canterbury student council, and a guidance teacher (if required).


The Nina K. Handa Memorial Award will be disbursed as one (1) annual Award of $5000.00.

Application period: May 6th – May 13th, 2022.

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