Payroll Deduction – ENROLL NOW!

You can make ongoing change.

School is a safe haven for children facing uncertainties at home. Our schools provide those students who lack basic necessities with stability and support. We are also dedicated to providing access to extracurricular activities that give students an outlet, a touchstone, and a springboard for their ambitions.

In order to continue helping kids in need, the Education Foundation of Ottawa requires your regular donations to offer ongoing support. Your payroll gifts make long-term programming and assistance possible; it is the sustainability the Foundation needs to build our capacity! That means that children will get what they need when they need it.

Did you know?
$10 per pay can provide a child with healthy snacks for the school year.

$20 per pay can provide the opportunity for several children to experience sports, arts, or specialized camps.

$50 per pay will provide 15 students with the necessary clothing to stay warm.

A gift that comes from your paycheque.

As an OCDSB Employee, you can make learning possible for all students, inside and outside of the classroom, by signing up for a payroll deduction. It’s an easy way to fit a donation into your budget – a gift with every paycheque means your donation creates change all year.

To support the Education Foundation of Ottawa through the Payroll Deduction Program, please sign on to the OCDSB VDI and click here. Otherwise, please contact us for more information at

Do you want to make a difference in the life of an OCDSB child?Please donate TODAY!