Kids can’t learn if their basic needs aren’t met.

At the Education Foundation Ottawa, we help remove barriers for students in our schools. Our Students in Crisis Emergency Fund is available to meet basic needs such as food, clothing and school supplies, and more critical needs such as medical treatment and urgent care.

When kids come to our schools with hungry tummies, we feed them thanks to the Glenview Management Health Snack program. When they can’t come to school because they are not able to afford winter boots, we find them a pair. When they’re not able to see the blackboard, we get them eye glasses with thanks to the OneSight vision program..

We’re here to make sure all kids have the same chance to succeed in education.

When children and youth struggle with the basic necessities of life or acquiring the essential tools they need to learn successfully, we make sure they become well-equipped for their journey.

Last year, donors helped us provide $125,000 of emergency supplies and care to our students. That’s over 9,000 full tummies every week, nearly 1,200 backpacks, and thousands of crises averted.

How it works.

When teachers and support workers are met with a child in need, they can ask the school principal to reach out to the Education Foundation of Ottawa. Requests are approved within one to two days.

It’s a simple idea with massive impact.

“Thank you for helping us buy groceries when my mom was sick. It feels so great to know there are people who care about me.”
– Kyle, Grade 5

That’s extending a hand to the child who needs it most.

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