Toonie Tuesday – February 25, 2020

Postponed until further notice – new date within 2019/20 school year coming soon!

On Tuesday February 25, 2020 you can make a huge difference!

A small investment with big change.

You can’t focus on schoolwork when the growl of your stomach is louder than the teacher’s voice. Without colouring pencils and paper, your homework goes unfinished. You’ll never be able to compete at the basketball regional tournament if you can’t get to the event or have the appropriate shoes to play in the game. Children are falling behind in each and every day for reasons beyond their control. Without the basics, a successful education can seem impossible. For a child who lives in poverty in our city, $2 is the difference between nothing and something. It’s food on a plate or a notebook on a desk. It’s half the cost of a field trip to the museum: a price that seems low to most of us, but a barrier for so many in our community.

How Toonie Tuesday works.

Toonie Tuesday is all about experiencing small acts that can make a BIG difference. On the last Tuesday in February, students and staff at participating schools are asked to bring $2 (or more) to help other kids just like them. All the funds raised from this day go directly to the Students in Crisis Emergency Fund. Your spare change will open doors for students who would otherwise be cut off from countless opportunities to succeed in education.

Why wait? You don’t have to wait until February 25th, 2020 to participate – you can start NOW! Just let us know that you’d like your donation to go toward the Toonie Tuesday fundraiser and we’ll add what you’ve raised to the total.

In 2019 the Education Foundation of Ottawa’s Toonie Tuesday Fundraiser  Raised more than $47,000!


Want to get involved? It’s easy!

2015 03 03 Huntley TT serving hc

Students at Huntley Centennial PS serving hot chocolate for Toonies!

Step 1 –  Connect with the Education Foundation of Ottawa and let them know you want to participate.

Step 2 –  Request Toonie Tuesday materials to send home with students and to put up in your school or office.

Step 3 –  Plan ahead for what is sure to be an exceptionally special day!

Step 4 – Have fun and raise funds for students when they need it the most.

Every $1 invested in the Education Foundation goes directly to support critical student needs.


Do you want to make a difference in the life of an OCDSB child?Please donate TODAY!